“Dreams translate into thoughts and thoughts into Action”.     

I commence my message by bowing my head in reverence to my father, the founder of ABID PATEL MEMORIAL SCHOOL and seek his blessings. His vision today has given rise to two institutions for the pursuit of excellence in education, the A.P. International School and    A. P. Junior College of Commerce and Science both growing in caliber and quality as the days pass by.

I am fortunate today to welcome you to my A. P. family. I believe that the youth is our country’s greatest natural resource. We want and need to help them not only to dream but also to visualize their dreams into reality.

A. P. International School always aims at developing an all –round personality and a sense of self – discipline, which can make the young children really great people.

The past years have been filled with many trials and tribulations, tests and challenges. Yet the name of the school has made for itself in such a short span of time. This has given me assurance that with hard work, dedication, sincerity and above all team work we can and will reach our goals. I believe that, great expectations are the goals that help us keep improving.

I  would  like  to  show  gratitude  to  all  of  you for being a part of

A. P. Family and shall look forward to your never – ending support in the years to come.